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Somebody's Daughter

book - play - film

A Moving Journey of Discovery, Recovery and Adoption

Somebody' s Daughter book cover Zara Phillips

Zara’s new book “Somebody’s Daughter”, published by John Blake/Bonnier Publishers, was relased February 2018 in the UK and August 2018 in the USA.  More information to come about this moving journey of discovery, recovery and adoption.


Somebody' s Daughter book cover Zara Phillips

American Amazon

Somebody' s Daughter book cover Zara Phillips

UK Amazon

The music video to promote “Somebody’s Daughter” features Zara Phillips title song and includes Richard Thompson and Warren Zanes.  “SomeBodys Daughter” is a hard hitting fasinating memoir on adoption.


Somebody' s Daughter Play Zara Phillips

Directors: Rebecca Thorn UK
Music: Richard Thompson
Songs by Zara Phillips

Somebody’s Daughter is a one woman show based on Zara Phillip’s book of the same title


Adopted as a baby in the 1960’s, becoming a backing vocalist to well known bands in the 80s, and getting sober at 22, Zara takes us on her journey to uncover the truth about her history. The story is told with humour and no-holds-barred honesty about the complexity of having four parents, becoming a mother, and learning to navigate it all.

“Somebody’s Daughter” debuted on August 20 & 21, 2022 at The Camden Fringe Festival
UPSTAIRS AT THE GATE HOUSE (Highgate, London N6 4BD), followed up in the US at The Hopewell Theater on October 21, 2022.

'Somebody's Daughter'
with Zara Phillips & Music Legend Richard Thompson

Other Books by Zara

mother me adoptee journey to motherhood Zara Phillips

American Amazon

Mother Me Zara Phillips

UK Amazon

Other Peformances by Zara

BENEATH MY FATHERS SKY adoption play Zara Phillips

Beneath My Father’s Sky 

After her adoptive mother dies and she’s left to care for an adoptive father who was never there for her, Zara takes a dream-like journey that brings her face-to-face with the biological father she’s always longed to know and the sister who was never born.

Directors: Eliza Roberts and Eric Roberts. David Drake.

Winner of best Direction 2013 United Solo festival.

In 2013, I wrote a one-woman show Beneath My father’s Sky to help deal with my grief of not knowing who my birth father is.  I was surprised at how quickly I wrote this piece; but it was all there inside of me. It has been incredibly healing on a personal level and well received by audiences – which is an added bonus!

ROOTS Unknown adoption documentary Zara Phillips

Roots: Unknown – an adoption film 

WINNER of the Garden State Film Festival for Best Short Home Grown Documentary!

Zara’s 30 minute adoption documentary film  ‘Roots Unknown’ won best Homegrown Doc at the New Jersey Film festival in 2008.

The film is a combination of interviews with adult adoptees and their spouses to show the complexities and deep feelings surrounding the adoption experience. Zara uses her music throughout the film.

The film has been shown at many adoption and speaking events.

The film is being used as a teaching tools for therapists, lawyers, and councilors anyone working with adopted families.

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