We’re Not Blood

Somebody's Daughter

A few years back I met Jeffrey Togman a fellow adopted person in my town. He needed someone to help him shoot his film about him trying to find his birth mother. We, of course, did not know which way it would go; how the story would end. Jeff was born in Florida and adopted in NYC;  all of which make finding ones birth parents really impossible as birth records are sealed. As an adopted person from England, where birth records are open, I was so shocked to discover this and horrified. How could wanting to know your birth mothers name be something that an adopted adult would have such a difficult time not being able to receive?

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Writing “Beneath My Fathers Sky’

Writing "Beneath My Fathers Sky’

I wrote my one woman show ‘Beneath My Fathers Sky’ after having some time of feeling very low about not knowing who my Birth father is. I think there are different stages of grieving in all this adoption stuff. I had felt at times levels of frustration at not knowing but I always had hope that it would be possible that one day I could find out. As the years went and I reached another birthday it hit me really hard and I had to ask myself the question’ What if you never know, How will you cope with that?”

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