SomebodysDaughter cover


Zara’s new book “Somebody’s Daughter”,  published by John Blake/Bonnier Publishers, is coming out February 22nd in the UK.   More information to come about this moving journey of discovery, recovery and adoption.





Kruger CowneIn London and the UK, Zara Phillips is represented by London-based Kruger Cowne talent management agency.  Please do call Kruger Cowne at  +44 (0)20 31241860 or use the form on Zara’s profile page there.


Zara’s book “Mother Me’ An adoptees journey to Motherhood has been published in England by The British association of Adoption and Fostering.

Mother Me, The American Edition, is published by GEMMA Media (released February 14, 2011) and is available worldwide.


Zara has had articles published in the Psychoanalytic Inquiry magazine and Adoption Today.

Zara has contributed chapters to “Chosen’, Living with Adoption” and “Adoption Anthology” published in the UK and “My country “ published in Italy.

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