We’re Not Blood

"we're not blood" adoption filmA few years back I met Jeffrey Togman a fellow adopted person in my town. He needed someone to help him shoot his film about him trying to find his birth mother. We, of course, did not know which way it would go; how the story would end.

Jeff was born in Florida and adopted in NYC;  all of which make finding ones birth parents really impossible as birth records are sealed. As an adopted person from England, where birth records are open, I was so shocked to discover this and horrified.

How could wanting to know your birth mothers name be something that an adopted adult would have such a difficult time not being able to receive?

still we're not blood

I am an activist by nature and this cause to me was one that needs to be highlighted and educated about at every giving opportunity.

And so I went with Jeff being filmed as walked into places to try and get his records and were told he could not have them. A hidden camera on us so no one knew what we were doing. I felt at times more rage than Jeff and he would comment on that.

I am one for justice and there is no justice in any of these laws in the states.

still we're not blood adoption film

Jeff followed DMC and I as went on NY 1 to talk about our song ‘I’m Legit’ and D talks as passionately as he always does.

I am thrilled that the film got accepted in San Fran DocFest and that I got to be part of this experience and helping with a cause so close to my heart.

Learn more at http://www.werenotblood.com/

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