Adoption UnMasked Workshops with Teens and Adoptive Families

 Adoption UnMasked Healing workshopsHealing Trauma Through Art

For the last five years Zara has been working with adopted families where teens are struggling with addiction and relationships.

Zara shares her own story as a recovering drug addict and alcoholic sober since she was 22 years old.

Adoptees and Foster teens and adults are the highest minority of people represented in treatment center and Institutions.

Zara believes by getting sober and then healing the wounds of the adoption experience recovery and a happy life is possible.

Zara’s workshops consist of breaking the parents and teenagers into groups allowing people to talk freely and openly about their true deep feelings surrounding the adoption experience and then bringing them all back together to start the healing.

Zara works with adopted teens songwriting, teaching them how to write a song, and focusing on lyric writing and singing by the end of each workshop once the song is complete there is a performance to the parents.

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