Nicole Burton says…

” No one else has covered the terrain that Zara Phillips’ memoir, MOTHER ME, explores; that is, how closed adoption affects adopted adults when we become parents. You’d never believe that adoption would an inter-generational condition but it turns out it is.

Phillips eloquently tells of the story of growing up adopted in Britain, searching for her original parents, and how the experience of being an adopted adult affects her as she moves to the US, marries, and has three children. Her humor and delicious story-telling keep the sometimes harrowing stories from bringing us down. Phillips’ love of life moves her and her readers forward in hope.

Zara Phillips is also a talented musician and filmmaker. Once you watch the YouTube trailer for her documentary film on adoption, ROOTS: UNKNOWN, you fall in love with this charming and brave soul.

As the author of another British adoption memoir, SWIMMING UP THE SUN, I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the experience of adoption and how it affects us as we grow and change. ”

Amazon Review, Nicole Burton

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