Release of “I’m Legit” a New Song About Adoption

I'm Legit release

New York, NY- British singer/songwriter Zara Phillips is releasing a new song entitled “I’m Legit “featuring the legendary hip hop artist Darryl “DMC’ McDaniels”.

Zara, who’s worked with the likes of Bob Geldof and Dire Straits produced and directed the award winning documentary, Roots Unknown and wrote a book entitled Mother Me. The single “I’m Legit” is about the importance of Americans to have the right to open adoption records . Only eight states broadly give adult adoptees access to their original birth certificates (other states allow access to some but not all adopted people). Not all adoption records are open in these states, just access to original birth certificates. Only five states have this policy.

DMC won an Emmy for his documentary DMC: My Adoption Journey and was presented with the Congressional Angels in Adoption Award for his work with children in foster care and promotion of adoption. The unlikely duo, he being one of the founding fathers of Rap music and she, sweet faced and full voiced British caucasion, came together at an adoption rally with very different stories. McDaniels always knew something was different about himself. When alcohol and suicidal thoughts caused him to ask a lot of questions, he found the truth – he had been adopted. Zara knew from a young age that she was adopted, and spent many years looking for her birth parents.

The song, I’m Legit, Zara sings,

Tell me do you remember

When you’re on the streets

Do you look for me,

The way I look for you,

how I wish I knew,   I wish I knew,

as  Darryl raps,

At night I can’t sleep, I toss and turn My true reality is what I wanna learn

But they are tellin me I can’t see the proof On a little piece of paper that holds the truth

Of who I am and what I be Yeah I’m living but I’m missin a part of me

I have a right to know where I come from

Zara Phillips is a true Renaissance woman of today. She wrote the book Mother Me while she was pregnant with her second child. “It seems that birthing my children was also a birth for my whole self,” Zara writes. Her adoption story has reached out to many, being featured in Adoption Today February/March 09 issue. She regularly talks and facilitates workshops and events related to adoption issues, along with performing her music at clubs in NYC and New Jersey. Prior to her documentary, Zara has spent most of her career in music; working with such UK artists as Bob Geldof founder of Live 8, John Illsley and Ted Pearlman who recently won a Grammy for Burt Bacharach’s 2006 album “At This Time.” Perlman produced Zara’s 2005 CD “When the Rain Stops” from which one of the songs, “Secrets” was used on the daytime soap opera PASSIONS.

Darryl “DMC”McDaniels as a co-founder of the legendary Run-DMC, changed music and made history. For more than 25 years, it would be hard to overstate his influence on popular culture. 30 Million record sales later, and seven years after the untimely death of his band mate Jam Master Jay, DMC still continues to create, inspire and motivate. After discovering he was adopted, DMC released the critically acclaimed 2006 single “Just Like Me” featuring Sarah McLaughlin. The song spoke to this new revelation and began his journey down another life path, in search of his birth mother. While his struggle was captured in the 2007 Emmy Winning VH1 documentary DMC: My Adoption Journey, the process gave DMC tremendous insight and purpose, prompting him to become an advocate for adoption and children in foster care. In between his work as a musician, published author and speaker, DMC co-founded the Felix Organization-a nonprofit that works with adoptees and foster children. He’s a spokesperson for Children’s Aid Family Services and the Adoption Institute, and has appeared before Congress and various State legislatures. He’s received numerous awards including the Hard Rock’s 2007 Love All Serve All Award for his many philanthropic endeavors and was just inducted into the 2009 Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. For more information on DMC please contact Tracey Miller, 609-383- 2323/ or visit

It’s unlikely to see such powerful forces coming together for such a great cause. The world has changed so much, and as the duo unite to continue to change history, they leave imprints behind with their vocals and lyrics in the new single “I’m Legit”.

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