Roots: Unknown – an adoption film

WINNER of the Garden State Film Festival for Best Short Home Grown Documentary!

Zara’s 30 minute  adoption documentary film  ‘Roots Unknown’ won best Homegrown Doc at the New Jersey Film festival in 2008.

The film is a combination of interviews with adult adoptees and their spouses to show the complexities and deep feelings surrounding the adoption experience. Zara uses her music throughout the film.

The film has been shown at many adoption and speaking events.

The film is being used as a teaching tools for therapists, lawyers, and councilors anyone working with adopted families.

ROOTS Unknown adoption documentary

Roots: Unknown is a 30-minute documentary examining the lifelong impact of adoption.

This educational and informative film will focus on the emotional influence adoption has on the adoptee and their families. Interviews and sound bites with adult adoptees, their families and children will be mixed with artistic images of their art and creative expression. Visual images centered on children’s artwork of family tree school projects will be woven with common themes and thoughts found in interviews.

Roots:Unknown will try to answer questions such as:

  • How does being adopted affect each relationship?
  • How does adoption affect family and children?
  • What does someone touched by adoption need in order to feel emotionally whole?



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