Beneath My Father’s Sky

Beneath My Father’s Sky Zara Phillips Adoption play

After her adoptive mother dies and she’s left to care for an adoptive father who was never there for her, Zara takes a dream-like journey that brings her face-to-face with the biological father she’s always longed to know and the sister who was never born.

Directors: Eliza Roberts and Eric Roberts. David Drake.

Winner of best Direction 2013 United Solo festival.

“A couple of years ago I wrote a one-woman show Beneath My father’s Sky to help deal with my grief of not knowing who my birth father is.  I was surprised at how quickly I wrote this piece; but it was all there inside of me. It has been incredibly healing on a personal level and well received by audiences – which is an added bonus!”

Zara has performed her one-woman show at:

The show is one hour long and is presented with audience question and answer after the show.

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Returns To United Solo Festival 11/5/15

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Zara Phillips’s life – two different fathers

By ZARA PHILLIPS, Daily Mail UK PUBLISHED: 20:03 EDT, 16 June 2018 | UPDATED: 20:03 EDT, 16 June 2018 All I wanted was a father’s love: Growing up, Zara Phillips’s life was dominated by her two fathers: the adoptive one who never spoke to her and whose affection she craved, and the biological one about whom she knew nothing but his first name…

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Writing “Beneath My Fathers Sky’

Writing "Beneath My Fathers Sky’

I wrote my one woman show ‘Beneath My Fathers Sky’ after having some time of feeling very low about not knowing who my Birth father is. I think there are different stages of grieving in all this adoption stuff. I had felt at times levels of frustration at not knowing but I always had hope that it would be possible that one day I could find out. As the years went and I reached another birthday it hit me really hard and I had to ask myself the question’ What if you never know, How will you cope with that?”

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