Born and raised in London, Zara loved to sing and dance from a young age and enjoyed spending hours in her room writing all the lyrics to musicals and performing each part.


In 2005 Zara finished work on a new CD entitled “When the Rain Stops” produced by Ted Perlman, winner of 2006 Grammy Award for Burt Bacharach’s CD “At This Time”. Zara’s work with Ted features 14 original tracks written by her (one track is a co-write with Ted).

Zara and Ted Perlman got back together to record a new album “You,Me and Us” that feature’s  ‘I’m Legit’  a song Zara wrote with another adopted person Darryl Macdaniels of DMC. The record has been a big hit withinthe adoption community. Songs from this album can be heard on Passions and Hollywood Heights.

This album is a collection of thought provoking songs with an acoustic and raw feel. The album ‘you, me and us is available now.


Vidoes and performances of Zara including ‘I’m Legit’   with Darryl Macdaniels of DMC


“Beneath My Fathers’s Sky” is a one woman show that Zara wrote and performs in.The play got accepted in United Solo festival in NYC and Zara will debut the show November 12th

New Show!

“Somebody’s Daughter” is a one woman show based on Zara Phillip’s book of the same title.
Adopted as a baby in the 1960’s, becoming a backing vocalist to well known bands in the 80s, and getting sober at 22, Zara takes us on her journey to uncover the truth about her history. The story is told with humour and no-holds-barred honesty about the complexity of having four parents, becoming a mother, and learning to navigate it all.  “Somebody’s Daughter” will debut on August 20 & 21, 2022 at The Camden Fringe Festival”


In 2008 Zara finished directing and producing an adoption documentary entitled “ROOTS: UNKNOWN” This educational and informative film focuses on the emotional influence adoption has on the adoptee and their families. Interviews and sound bites with adult adoptees, their families and children are mixed with artistic images of their art and creative expression. The film won Best Homegrown Documentry at The Garden State Film festival in New Jersey.

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