Live at the Hard Rock Cafe NYC “I’m Legit”

The world premier of the music video “I’m Legit“, by Darryl McDaniels and Zara Phillips, took place on March, 10, 2011 at the hard Rock Cafe in NYC during  Open Records Event.

The Donaldson Adoption Institute hosted the event to heighten public, media and policymaker awareness about the need to restore adopted adults’ right to access their original birth certificates.

Learning the Right Lessons about Adoption

This unprecedented gathering – entitled Learning the Right Lessons about Adoption: What the Oprah Winfrey Reunion Story Teaches Us –was designed to bring together individuals affected by so-called “sealed records” laws, including ; politicians and policy-makers from affected states; experts on the subject,  professionals in the field; adoption reform advocates from around the country; journalists; and members of the public interested in social justice and equal rights for all families.

There has never been an effort before to bring together such a broad cross-section of parties involved in and affected by the issue. The co-sponsors of the event demonstrate the breadth of support for the cause on which it will focus; they include: the Child Welfare League of America, the American Adoption Congress, the Center for Family Connections, the Center for Adoption Support and Education, Adoptees Have Answers, Concerned United Birthparents, the New York State Unsealed Initiative, and the New Jersey Coalition for Adoption Reform and Education.

There was also a very lively and passionate discussions by the keynote panel regarding the issue of original birth certificates, with a focus on two research-based reports on the subject by the Adoption Institute, “For the Records I and II,”

Zara book, Mother Me, was also featured at the event.

Video Credits : hotindiemedia

See the hotindiemedia channel on YouTube for more videos of the event.

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