HipHopRuckus: “DMC and Singer Zara Phillips Tackle Big Cause”

DMC and singer Zara Phillips Tackle Big Cause

Written by DESTRO2014

Published JUNE 28, 2010

With so many people complaining about a lack of substance in today’s music, Zara Phillips is the complete contrast of that. An adopted singer from Britain, Zara Phillips used her adoption experience to educate others, and utilizes her knowledge to try and better the lives of the millions who are affected by adoption every day.

After meeting DMC of the Hip-Hop’s legendary group RUN DMC, who is also adopted, Zara came to an unexpected realization that, despite their very different backgrounds, they had common emotions that mirrored one another on the topic of adoption, and both felt passionate about the lack of open records, which deny adoptees their medical history and original birth certificates.

After putting their heads together on how to voice their opinions in a more creative manner, DMC suggested writing a song. When the opportunity arose to not only work with a legend, but to write a song about adoption with a musical pioneer, Zara jumped at the chance of continuing to make a difference. Now we have the song “I’m Legit” by Zara & DMC, available on iTunes and the music video is also accessible on YouTube.

Zara won’t stop there as she’s also written a book called “Mother Me” (a book she self-published before signing a new publishing deal) which will be released in the USA in 2011. The book inspired Zara to carry on with her work in the form of “Roots Unknown”, her documentary which she used to help raise awareness to those who don’t read or decided to pass on the book.  Zara Phillips continues to be an adoptee activist and is currently working on her next studio album with mega-producer Ted Perlman (Burt Bacharach/Dr. Dre, Bob Dylan, Elton John), also due for release in 2011.


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