Zara on Rutgers Radio’s Scott Einhorn Show

July 20, 2015 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
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About  Rutgers Radio

Founded in 1948, WRSU-FM is one of the oldest college radio stations in the nation.

Since its inception as WRSU-AM, the station has evolved through many styles, including oldies, top 40, and its transition in the 1980s, to the variety of sounds it is renowned for today. WRSU on-air personalities range from first-semester Rutgers freshmen to longtime alumni and community members, and all are engaged in the long-standing WRSU tradition of designing their own playlists. WRSU boasts many shows featuring specialty programming, with Sunday devoted primarily to the sounds of world music. The station broadcasts all Rutgers football and basketball games from around the country, and is the flagship radio station of the Rutgers Womens’ Basketball team. WRSU news broadcasts a variety of news updates and issues talk shows, sending student reporters into the streets for original stories.

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