We’re Not Blood

Somebody's Daughter

A few years back I met Jeffrey Togman a fellow adopted person in my town. He needed someone to help him shoot his film about him trying to find his birth mother. We, of course, did not know which way it would go; how the story would end. Jeff was born in Florida and adopted in NYC;  all of which make finding ones birth parents really impossible as birth records are sealed. As an adopted person from England, where birth records are open, I was so shocked to discover this and horrified. How could wanting to know your birth mothers name be something that an adopted adult would have such a difficult time not being able to receive?

The Telegraph: “Adoption: ‘How can you give away your baby?’ “

Adoption: 'How can you give away your baby?'

 Written by Eleni Kyriacou Published  02 Mar 2008 The emotional fallout from learning you are adopted can last a lifetime. And many women feel it most when they themselves give birth. Eleni Kyriacou meets four adoptees for whom motherhood brought about a huge change in their attitudes When Zara was pregnant with her first child, Zachary, she was unprepared for the emotional upheaval that would follow. ‘I’d wake up howling,’ she recounts. ‘I kept dreaming that the baby would be taken away from me.’