Sixth Annual Adoption Education Forum says…

“Beneath My Father’s Sky powerfully dramatizes many of the challenges  adoptees face throughout their lives.  Zara’s performance provided a  rich springboard for discussion for our Sixth Annual Adoption Education  Forum. To hear about adoption through a play was very interesting”

Risa J. Werner, LCSW & Susan W.Baron, LCSW

Touched By Adoption, Westport, CT

“To hear about adoption through a play was very interesting.”  said Abby, an adoptee from Russia.

“The play was terrific.  We left with a better understanding of what adopted children go through. Zara did a wonderful job of describing her feelings as an adoptee as well as her relationship with her parents.”

“Zara’s play was wonderful.  It was a healing experience”

“The play was incredible.  I learned so much.”

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